Smarter fuel for your business

  • Accepted across 97% of UK postcode areas
  • Simple and competitive tariffs saving your business money every time you fill up
  • Easy online management to help you track spend, analyse efficiencies and control your account
  • Award-winning customer service

Fuel solutions to suit your business needs

No matter the size of your business, our expert team can help you find the right fuel card for you.

UK Fuels BP Tesco Shell Morrisons Esso Sainsbury's Texaco Asda Express Gulf

Radius has owned and managed the UK Fuels network for over 34 years

UK Fuels is where Radius began in 1990. Our expertise and longstanding relationships across the fuel industry mean we can offer fuel cards to suit your business needs, accepted at over 7,200 fuel stations across the UK.

Why fuel cards?

Fuel cards save your business time and money. One clear invoice at the end of the month and no more fiddly receipts. Get discounts and set controls on what drivers can spend.

Advanced management

All customers get access to our online tools, available in your browser or as a smartphone app. Use our e-route station finder to find where your fuel cards are accepted. Use Radius Velocity to see invoices, order or cancel cards and monitor your fuel usage.

Why choose UK Fuels?

We are one of Europe’s biggest fuel card companies. Since 1990, we’ve been helping businesses find the right solution when it comes to managing fuel costs. Our expertise is backed by the fact we’re trusted by over 100,000 UK businesses. Our network allows you to refuel at over 7,200 sites in the UK alone including Esso, Texaco, Shell, BP and major supermarkets.

UK Fuels is part of Radius

Radius started in 1990 as a fuel card provider in the UK. Now, we support over 400,000 customers worldwide with fleet and connectivity solutions that scale with their businesses.